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‘Gorgeous’ Boy Names So Rare They’ve Been Given to Fewer Than 10 Babies

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Did you know there is such a thing as a Baby Name Consultant? 

 A baby name expert has taken to TikTok to share a list of some of the rarest baby names that have been given out this year.

Steph Coffield, a baby name consultant based in Minnesota, found a list of 10 boy names from 2022 that are so unique, she said that less than 10 babies have been given these monikers.

Coffield shared the list on her TikTok account, @nameswithsteph, which has since been viewed over half a million times.

The founder of “Names with Steph” used a data list on the Social Security website to find these rare gems.

“These names were given to less than 10 babies, but at least … five,” she stated on her TikTok.

In order to even make an appearance on the Social Security list, a name has to have been given out to a minimum of five babies.











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