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Goldilocks in Reverse

A three-legged bear shows up on the patio and drinks or maybe chews on a white claw.

A three-legged bear known locally as Tripod was caught on camera breaking into a home in Lake Mary, Florida over the weekend and helping itself to some snacks and adult beverages.

Josaury Faneite-Diglio found out she had a thirsty, uninvited guest when she got a security camera notification.

The home wasn’t unoccupied when the bear arrived, however – Faneite-Diglio’s son, 13-year-old Joseph Diglio and the family dog, Bruno, were both inside.

Diglio said that he realized there was a bear in the home after he heard Bruno barking and then watched Tripod rip a makeshift door into the screen surrounding the enclosed patio.

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Video: HERE

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