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Goal: Fully Belly Laugh

Credit: YouTube

“Comedians can use the work, and people with memory loss can use the laughter.”

About a year after Dani Klein Modisett moved her mother from Manhattan to an Alzheimer’s care center

near her Los Angeles home in 2016, she noticed that her mom, then 84, was sad and withdrawn.

Muriel Klein, once the life of the party (even with her memory loss), was no longer talkative or interested in food.

She kept her head down and slept a lot.

“I was really upset, thinking, ‘What have I done? Why did I take her from everything she loved in Manhattan?’

” Modisett said.

During a dental exam one afternoon, Modisett, an author and former stand-up comedian,

tearfully told her dentist about her mother, saying she wished she could hire a comedian for her.

“Why don’t you?” her dentist replied.

Modisett went home and made a few calls, and soon she had hired a stand-up comedian to visit her mom eight hours a week.

And that is how Laughter on Call was born.

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