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Go to a Mariners Game Without Leaving Home

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Introducing the launch of the Mariners Seat Fleet!

Mariners are  assembling a crew of personalized fan cutouts

to help navigate the unknown waters of a 60-game MLB season.

Take a selfie, pay 30 dollars for a recycle-friendly version of yourself

that will sit in on all of the game action at T-Mobile Park

this season while you’re safe at home.

Plus, the Mariners will donate a portion of every purchase to non-profit

organizations supporting COVID-related relief efforts in our communities.

What’s more? If your cutout “catches” a foul ball during a game,

they will mail you the baseball!

It’s easy to join the Mariners Seat Fleet.

Just cut-out a few minutes of your day to upload

your high-resolution photo, then tune into Mariners home games on

ROOT SPORTS to find yourself in the T-Mobile Park stands.

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