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Give Big: Hope for the Good


Hope for the Good, this small but mighty little nonprofit has been up to some really big things!

With donations we received, we provides a total of 448 food boxes to families in need,131 teen baskets, 232 kids baskets, 120 cans of Chicken, 85 jars of peanut butter, 3 cases of canned soup, and 125 2-pound bags of rice to a veteran’s program. 

In the 24 +years of working in social services, the last two years have been a first for us with such a high need for food boxes.

It used to only be Easter baskets for kids however, the past two years, we have had more families reach out and ask for food than ever before.

We were saddened to hear of so many hungry families and yet happy to be asked and be able to meet the challenge!

It is because of amazing people in this community supporting our causes makes this happen. 

We strive to help both those agencies that are struggling to make things happen such as this, as well as be there for those families and individuals to help them in alleviating some of these obstacles if we can.

We have also kicked off our scholarship program! So far we have provided 7 scholarships for youth in multiple sports! 

This is definitely a dream come true!!!

Look for us on Give Big: May 2 -Give Big 2023

Look for us on Give Big: May 2 -Give Big 2023

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