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Getting Engaged? Coaching Someone on Getting Engaged?

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What are the best and worst ways to get engaged?

The most sure-fire path to the altar may begin during a romantic, intimate dinner. A survey of 2,000 Americans in a relationship finds that half believe wining-and-dining their potential spouse may help seal the deal when proposing.

The survey sought to find which places are the best and worst for getting engaged. Along with dinners, people feel the best moments to propose are during the holidays (47%) or while on vacation (46%). Rounding out the top five place are at concert or wedding, according to 36% of respondents.

Meanwhile, the worst ways to get engaged include via text message (41%), during a phone call (39%), at a fast-food joint (28%), at their parent’s home (24%), or during a sporting event (23%).

Before their engagement, 92 percent of those currently in a serious relationship say they’ve daydreamed about their upcoming proposal.

Commissioned by Hungry Howie’s and conducted by OnePoll, the study also revealed that of those who have previously been engaged (75%), the majority of these Americans (85%) can recall the exact moment their proposals took place.

However, over half (58%) admit they regret how their proposal went down and 45 percent wish they could get a do-over on their engagements.

The study further suggests that the best proposals happen around food – since four in five want their special moment to include their favorite meals.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents got engaged during a meal (65%), with one in five saying their special moment happened during appetizers.

Others said “I do” before the meal took place (18%), and more than a third (36%) had their ring presented to them in the actual meal.

According to respondents, the best foods to hide an engagement ring in are pizza (34%), salads (29%), or burgers (28%). Meanwhile, the worst foods include soup (31%), seafood (25%), or pasta (24%).


  1. Pizza – 34%
  2. Salad – 29%
  3. Burger/sandwich – 28%
  4. Soup – 28%
  5. Seafood – 27%
  6. Pasta – 27%
  7. Sushi – 24%
  8. Pork – 23%
  9. Steak – 23%
  10. Lamb – 22%