Get Your Mr. Christmas Insta-Shape Tree for Only $29.98 — In 1980

Close Up Of Pieces Of Artificial Christmas Tree. The Process Of
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Right before Christmas, we talked about the price of real Christmas trees and how prices have changed over the years, but what about fake Christmas trees?

According to a survey done by the National Christmas Tree Association, the average fake tree in 2018 cost $104, which is actually down 3% from 2017. This is mostly due to increased production as more people buy fake Christmas trees and innovations in manufacturing that make fake trees look better and last longer, even if you purchase a cheaper tree.

But what about 40 years ago?

In 1980 you could get a fake tree starting at about $30 according to this archived newspaper ad from the Staten Island Advance reprinted today. The 7 foot tall “Mr. Christmas Insta-Shape Tree” was advertised as having no branches, was flame-retardant and included the stand.

If you were looking for something a bit fancier, “The Ready Tree” was apparently the most talked about tree of the season, didn’t require assembly and was on sale for a very reasonable $94.97. Or you could get a 6.5 foot Bristle Pine, on sale for $39.99.

Already have a tree? Montalbano’s Christmas Centers would sell you 21 feet of garland for $1.89, a 35 light set for $2.99 or 18 satin ball decorations for $1.99.