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Get out the grill!

Summer is the season of grilling, but before you fire up the grill you’ll want to read this!

Don’t make these 6 Common Grilling Mistakes!

1- A Dirty Grill

A clean grill means less sticking, which means that delicious crispiness won’t rip off when you remove that hunk of meat from the grill! It also means less flare ups, which probably translates to less visits from the fire department! Friendly reminder- don’t forget to wipe off the grill if you’re cleaning with a bristle brush! You don’t want those bristles getting into your food!

2- Putting the Meat on Too Cold

Taking a steak out of the fridge and slapping it on the grill doesn’t give it a chance to get settled. Let it get to room temperature before you cook it.  Think of it as taking the steak as a date to your company party, you want it to feel comfortable. You don’t just walk right up to your boss and introduce the two of them without getting her a glass of wine first…. Basically, going straight from the fridge to the grill could cause the meat to seize, and while we don’t know what that actually means, it doesn’t sound good!

3- Too much Flipping

Remember how your mom always said “if you keep playing with it, you’re gonna poke an eye out?” Well, if ya keep flippin’ it, you’re gonna lose the crispiness…. somehow the correlation is there. Anywho, if you have too much flippage, the meat will turn grey because it will steam instead of sear. Moral of the story, keep the flipping to a minimum, get your meat nice and crispy.

4- Too Much Poking and Prodding

Just like with Facebook, too much poking is never a good thing.  Pushing down on a steak, or poking it with a fork gets rid of the fat, aka the flavor! Just put the fork down and let the fire do the work… while you’re at it, step away from Facebook.. that’s it, just back away from the mouse.

5- Too Much Heat

A grill that’s too hot could cause the outside of the meat to char before the inside is finished. What’s that mean? Well, basically the outside of your meat is gonna be like a hockey puck and the inside will resemble a raw, gooey, meaty, mess. You don’t want that. Trust us.

6- Serving too quickly

Meat continues to cook even after it’s off the grill. Let it sit for five to seven minutes so the juices can “distribute themselves in a truly wonderful alignment.” No, we didn’t write that. Consider this resting period to be your time to reflect on the meat masterpiece you’ve just created. You’re a grill master, a BBQ connoisseur… the captain of your own meat adventure.  You’re on a journey for the perfect meat, and for these few minutes, there’s still a chance you’ve achieved it. Let that sink in.

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