Credit: YouTube

Genius idea! Check out this special McDonald’s packaging designed for bicycles

How about this for a clever idea, especially here in the bike-friendly Northwest? McDonald’s has introduced new packaging designed just for cyclists who pull up to the drive-through lane. The McBike is packaged so cyclists can hang it on their handlebars without spilling anything — a Big Mac, fries, even a beverage. They launched it in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is where they shot this video that shows the new packaging in action:

They’ve expanded the idea to Medellin, Colombia; Amsterdam and Tokyo are next. So what about the Pacific Northwest? No word yet about whether they’ll bring McBike to the US, but the idea seems perfect for our part of the world, where more people are commuting on two wheels every day. And it doesn’t hurt the fast food giant’s efforts to create a healthier image for itself, either. So come on, McDonald’s, what do you say? Let’s get McBike going around here!

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