woman steals lobster tank maryland red lobster
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Garcon… Is this lobster high?

A Maine restaurant is using marijuana to sedate it’s lobsters before it kills them, claiming that the process is more humane and will actually lead to better meat.  Scientific findings are showing increasingly that crustaceans can actually feel pain, so you have to imagine that, dropping them into a pot of steaming water is not a good way to go, but is getting them high the right answer?  Has anyone asked the lobsters?

Side note- The owner of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound, Charlotte Gill, says eating the sedated lobster will not make customers high and using marijuana leads to better quality meat, as the animal is more relaxed when it dies.

Read more about this new restaurant trend HERE!

Steamed Lobsters – 4 new England Lobsters in a row with claws crisscrossed. (Ready for feasting!)

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