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Game of Thrones: Spoiler Free Zone… Except for Water Bottles?

Weeks after a stray coffee cup made it into a scene on Game of Thones, move over Starbucks, a water bottle made it into last night’s series finale and a twitter user caught it.

You have to be impressed with my discipline today.  Over 4 hours on the radio and a Facebook video and NO spoilers.  I’ll be honest… I couldn’t keep my eyes open last night so the show is still sitting in my DVR… along with the Big Bang Theory series finale.

It was my son’t birthday last weekend so, naturally, it was “Hey Daddy, put all these Legos I got for my birthday together” this past weekend.  3000 piece Lego sets tire me right out!  Hey, at least I haven’t stepped on one in the dark,  yet.

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