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G-D They forgot my chocolate milk!

Attention parents! Swear words around kids may not be off limits after all!  Dr Emma Byrne, a neuroscientist and author of “Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language,” revealed that she believes children as young as two should learn swear words and the impact the words can have from their parents – rather than from their peers on the playground.

So, what does this mean? If you’re anything like Ashley, it means you can breathe a sigh of relief that your kid being introduced to swear words won’t ruin their lives!

Palmer is almost 4 and it’s safe to say, she’s been exposed to quite a few swear words in her time here on Earth, so we share a couple stories from Ashley;

About a year ago, Palmer came home from visiting her grandparents and happened to trip over something she’d left on the floor and immediately said “oh $h!t!”  I was in such shock that she said it, but also impressed that she used it correctly.

We were driving home one day listening to the unedited version of Cake By The Ocean and when the 2nd verse came on, Palmer sang G*d D@mn at the top o her lungs.  granted it was the lyrics of the song, but still!

To this day though, the best story of my toddler’s use of swear words came about a month ago.  We were heading home from a playdate and she was cranky and hungry, so I pulled into McDonald’s (or Old McDonald’s as she calls it) and ordered her a happy meal (“with chicken nuggets, fries and ranch and ketchup and chocolate milk”- her order).  I handed her the box and held onto the chocolate milk for when we got home.  The poor kid was so hungry that she went to eat some fries and bit her finger (easy mistake).  The tears started flowing and I grabbed the happy meal box back while she composed herself.  When she was ready, I handed the box back to her.  Without hesitation, she looked inside and said “G*d D@mmit. They forgot my chocolate milk.”

I couldn’t even be mad. I was so impressed that she used it correctly and the only thing I could do was laugh and call my husband immediately.

Cue the bad parenting emails. 😉


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