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Some Fun Ways To Pamper Your Pet For Christmas.

Pets are family! Here are some fun ways to pamper them and show them how much you love them!

Your pet’s living needs to be pimped up

  1. Toss away that boring old bed your dog had for years, and treat them to a whimsical upgrade. This shark bed might scare them initially, but we are positive that they’ll eventually become inseparable best friends.
  2. A more conservative and mass-appealing choice, however, is to just get them a nice pet house with a cute pattern. Your dog will feel extra safe having to go into two houses.
  3. You can even add a girly touch to your house by treating your bed to a pet house shaped like a strawberry. It would be a double whammy too if your pet likes strawberries.

Your pet is bored with their toys

  1.  Why settle for a dog bone when you can give your pet something far superior, like three squirrels stuffed animals along with their own log house. People will sure to comment on this cute toy pick when they visit your house.
  2.  If you’re a Starbucks addict, match with your pet by treating them with a Starbarks drink plushie. Color coordinating your clothes is just not enough.
  3. Chances are, your dog got their sense of humor from you. Prove that by getting them a funny teeth silicon. A picture of you with your pet with this novelty item is sure to get some double tapping on Instagram.

Your pet needs a makeover

  1. Go on a morning walk in your Adidas tracksuit while your dog is wearing a smiliar tracksuit. Lie and say you guys didn’t plan it when strangers ask.
  2. Pokemon Go is already dying down, but everyone can still appreciate a cute Pikachu ensemble, especially when it’s not on you. The bright yellow color will also be sure to attract attention.
  3. Treat your pet to some nice smelling shampoo. Not only will they be happy and clean, you’d also be able to snuggle with them harder when they smell like oatmeal.

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