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Friends Reunion Host Now Undecided

LOS ANGELES - SEP 4:  Ellen DeGeneres at the Hollywood Walk of F
Photo Credit: Bigstock user kathclick

The Friends reunion… you know the one they originally said they’d NEVER do.  Then when they announced they were going ahead and made the entire world giddy has a little bit of a problem.


Very early on in the process producers had made, a great decision at the time, to have Ellen DeGeneres host.  Then her world came crashing down as many on the staff of the “Ellen” show came forward to reveal what a toxic workplace it was oftentimes due to Ellen’s own attitude and behavior.

It’s a shame.  I always thought she was so genuine and amazing.  I guess it goes to show you never really know what’s in a celebrity’s heart.

Ellen has said herself that she will address these issues when her talk show premiers its new season on September 21st.

Back to the original problem.  Who’s going to host the Friends reunion?  It’s VERY unclear at this point.  So unclear producers may be soliciting advice from, well, anyone.

Who do YOU think it should be?