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Friends Experience Comes to Seattle

One of the most-watched television sitcoms of all time is coming to Seattle.

Though “Friends” wrapped up its 10-season run in 2004, the fans continue to watch the show, buy the merchandise and quote the characters to this day.

The popularity led to the creation of a touring experience that has successful runs in New York, Chicago and several other major cities. Originally created for the show’s 25th anniversary, fans can walk in to many of their favorite show moments and relive the series.

“The Friends Experience” features plenty of nostalgia and full-size sets like Monica’s Kitchen, Chandler and Joey’s apartment and, of course, Central Perk coffee shop. Original X Productions created this interactive experience.

The experience has taken over the bottom corner of Pacific Place Mall in Seattle where Barnes & Noble stood for decades. The former bookstore is now a coffee shop-themed attraction with numerous interactive rooms, show-used props like signed scripts and plenty of behind-the-scenes fun from the people who created the iconic show.

Some familiar experience highlights include peeking around Rachel and Monica’s purple door, relaxing in Chandler and Joey’s recliner by the foosball table (chirping) or helping Ross with the famous sofa pivot. You can even try on all of Joey’s clothes courtesy of an iconic photo opportunity. The orange couch is usually reserved for the cast of Friends but you can crash the set and take photos in your favorite scenes starting Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Full Story and Tickets: HERE

Tickets: HERE

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