bigstock-Woman-In-Dress-And-Handsome-Ma-268621093. Bigstock,Faces Portrait
bigstock-Woman-In-Dress-And-Handsome-Ma-268621093. Bigstock,Faces Portrait

Written by Mandi Ringgenberg

Ready for the holiday shopping, but may want to snag some deals first? No worries, because these fast food restaurants and snack chains have you covered!

According to this report, Americans are expected to spend cumulatively over $20.7 on their loved ones; that’s $161.96 per person. And up from 2018’s $19.6 spending.

The U.S. in no surprise, is a consumers nation. What the country lacks, Amazon Prime can easily buy. But there’s those of us that like to spend a pretty penny, and not have to break our wallets to do so.

Jack in the Box is offering customers who place an order via Jack in the Box’s mobile app a free five piece churro, cheesecake or regular shake on February 14, according to People Magazine.

Mrs. Fields cooking stop is offering 20% off on Valentine’s Day cakes from February 1- 7 with their code “HEART”; offer available on their website.’

Want a little fancier deal? is a great resource for checking V-Day deals, open availability and restaurant ratings. Take your hubby, your best friend or yourself out to a wonderful evening!

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