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Fowl Play at an Alabama Bank

Homemade Chicken Close-up. Spotted Chicken On The Farm, Poultry
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Police are searching for an “aggressive chicken” accused of engaging in fowl play at an Alabama bank.

In other news, other than Covid – 19, an aggressive chicken stalking bank customers.

Witnesses told police the chicken had been spotted at the bank approaching patrons at the ATM,

chasing customers and even attempting to climb into cars  in the drive-thru.


Officials said officers responded to the bank within a few minutes of the call,

but found the pesky poultry had already escaped.

The suspect remains on the loose and police advised residents to avoid

confronting the animal, and instead call for help.

Or is it a rooster?  We’ve all heard a rooster tale or two?

Full Story: HERE

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