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For the Love of Hershey

Credit: Sheila_F |

93 year old Mike shares a hershey bar with his wife every night.  They ran out!!

…. what to do? Hitchhike? During a pandemic?

Thank goodness for a kind realator who happened to see Mike with his walker hitchhiking.

Richard Farmer pulled over, got out the clorox wipes,

wiped down the car and with masks on face,

helped Mike into the passenger seat.

Where are you off too? He asked his passenger,

That’s when the story came out that he was walking 3 miles to the

convienience store to get 35 hershey bars.

Richard asked, “what are you going to tell your wife about where the chocolate came from?”

Mike said he was going to tell her he met this real nice real estate who gave him a ride.

Richard gave him his card and said next time to need some

chocolate no need to try and hitch ride,

just give me a call and I look forward to meeting Doris.

Mike has done just that.

Love these “new friend” covid stories.

Full Story: HERE

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