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Flooding Over The Weekend

Emergency Road Closed Signs Due To Flooding
Credit: BigStockPhoto

River levels will be rising across Western Washington by the end of the week.

Rain will start in earnest this afternoon, continuing through the weekend.

The areas hit the hardest by this atmospheric river will be waterways in Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties.

The flooding isn’t expected to be significant or historic; however, roads may be closed — pastures and farms may be flooded as well.

On top of experiencing overwhelmed and swollen rivers and streams, urban flooding is possible.

Rain will be heavy enough to elevate the threat for hydroplaning.  Don’t drive with your cruise control on-according to Triple A.

Driving around Western Washington will be messy by Thursday and Friday.

You know how when you tell your toddler not to run into the puddle? And they do anyway?  Well here goes….

WSDOT suggest not driving through standing water on the roadway.

But maybe if you stand in standing water you will catch a salmon? Possible?

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