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Five Super Bowl Party Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Pets.

If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party this weekend, here are five foods (beverages) that could be dangerous for your PETS. (A few of these seem pretty obvious) but good to know either way.

1. Alcohol. (DUH!!!) Just a few ounces of beer or another alcoholic drink can cause ethanol poisoning in dogs and cats. Signs of poisoning include peeing themselves, hypothermia, slowed breathing, and even heart attacks.

2. Soda. (DUH PART DEAUX) Caffeinated drinks can cause restlessness, breathing issues, heart palpitations, and muscle tremors.

3. Chicken wings. The bones can cause choking or intestinal obstruction, but the salt is bad for them too. Just ONE buffalo wing has the daily recommended amount of sodium for a 20-pound dog. And too much salt can cause high blood pressure and contribute to kidney and heart disease.

4. Chocolate. They have to eat a lot of it, but there’s a compound in chocolate called theobromine that’s poisonous to dogs and cats. And it’s in stuff like brownies and cookies too. Chocolate poisoning can cause heart arrhythmias, muscle tremors, and seizures.

5. Guacamole. Too much avocado, garlic, and onion can cause gastrointestinal issues, elevated heart rate, red blood cell damage, vomiting, and diarrhea.


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