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Five Daily Habits That Cause Wrinkles.

Here are five things we do every day that cause wrinkles:

1. Squinting. It causes wrinkles around your eyes and the bridge of your nose. So if you wear glasses, make sure your prescription is up to date. And if you’re driving with the sun in your eyes, wear sunglasses.

2. Sleeping on your stomach or on your side. You end up with your face squished into your pillow for six-to-eight hours. And it can also restrict blood flow to the side of your face you sleep on, which can also cause wrinkles.

3. Rubbing your eyes. The skin around them is the most delicate skin on your body, and you end up stretching it out. Plus, you transfer dirt and oil from your hands to your face, which also doesn’t help.

4. Eating too much sugar. It messes with your hormones and destroys some of the collagen in your skin, so it loses some of its stretchiness.

5. Being in the sun while you’re driving. The windows in your car only stop one type of UV rays, called UVB rays. But UVA rays still get through and damage your skin.

It can also happen if you sit near a window at work. And the tiny bit of sun you get walking to and from your car also adds up. Which is why you’re supposed to wear sunblock every day, but most people don’t.


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