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Five Cute PNW Dogs on Instagram

Who can resist man (or woman’s) furry best friend? We sure can’t! Check out these adorable pups and their Instagram accounts, sharing all their outdoorsy adventures. Afterwards, you’ll be wishing you could go romp around the wilderness with them by your side!

The best way to not miss out on any fun… Nap on dad’s shoes.

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Evy, or Evergreen the Rescue, is a super cute lab/collie/chow pup can be spotted playing fetch on the Olympia coast or paddle-boarding with her dad, @mrtommyblades. Catch this adorable chocolate-brown pup take on all the outdoor adventures with her friends on their co-account, @pnwonderdogs.

saturday shenanigans!

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This photogenic Siberian Husky, true to her breed, loves running free in the outdoors and covering her fur with fresh powder snow. Loyal companion to Dillion Jenkins (@dllln) also know a thing or two about finding prime hiking locations, perfect outdoor photography and romping through the woods together.

Like three peas in a pod—because two isn’t enough—Remi, Aspen, & Bär are three Bernese Mountain Dogs, living the good life in the PNW and pretty known for stopping by the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival or relaxing with each other by the fire in their Banks, Oregon home.



Best buds, Ripley, a Siberian Husky and “Big Bro” Ozzie, a Golden Retriever love hanging out together and stopping by tulip farms too, and getting super wet after a fun lake swim… but just not getting a bath.

Sup dawg! #alaskadog #bjorninalaska #gopro

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If there’s one thing this handsome, 2-year old Samoyed/Alaskan Malamute loves most is embracing the snowy Alaskan wilderness and being a natural goofball. Catch more of snowy shenanigans with his furry siblings at @timthetoothninja page.

Written by Mandi Ringgenberg

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