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Firefighters Fight for a Teen Girl”s Dream

Firefighters saved a teenage girl’s beloved Taylor Swift concert dress from a destructive house fire.

A homeowner’s nightmare became reality that night when flames burst from the garage of their Frankfort, Ill. home.

The family said the home is a total loss, but because of the help of their neighbors and the fire department, some of their most sentimental and valuable belongings were saved, along with that dress.

Grace asked to go back inside, and that’s when firefighters Brian Adcock and Jake Smith took matters into their own hands.

“The fire was actually on the other side of her wall in the bedroom, so I told her it wasn’t safe to go in, and we went up there and got what she needed,” Adcock said.

While seemingly everything just changed for the Farrell family, Adcock’s heroic efforts brought a few hours of normalcy and the memory of a lifetime to the 17-year-old girl.

“I was just speechless, because I was not expecting to be there that night in that dress,” Grace said.

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