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Fire destroys Jewel’s tour bus; Jewel, crew uninjured

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Jewel says she’s OK after a scary situation over the weekend in which her tour bus erupted into flames in a hotel parking lot.

The “Intuition” singer spoke about the shocking incident on TikTok, saying, “We had a full bus fire. Nobody was hurt. It happened on an off day.”

Jewel, who is currently on tour with Train and Blues Traveler, shared photos of the extensive damage to her bus — including a charred interior, shattered windows and damaged engine. She praised the local fire department for extinguishing the blaze.

“Everybody is safe,” she assured before adding, “We saved the vintage guitar and guitar AMP.” The equipment was saved by her “hero” bus driver, and she sang his praises for “saving the vintage gear.”

Despite walking away from this incident unscathed, Jewel noted that she is upset by the situation and exclaimed, “All’s well that ends well, but how about this bulls**?!”

The singer also noted that was the same bus that broke down in the middle of the night. She didn’t offer an explanation about what arrangements were made so she can continue touring with Train. Jewel also didn’t disclose where the incident took place, except that it was in a hotel’s parking lot.

Train took their AM Gold tour to Morrison, Colorado, on August 6, where they played Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

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