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Fire and Ice J.A. Jance

Fire and ice

She talks about Seattle/Bellevue traffic and the “Teddy Bear Patrol”.

Covid has been hard. I don’t like to complain, but, I have been alone a lot this year.

I realized although I had listened to all of J.A. Jance’s books on JP Beaumont and Ali Reynolds,

I hadn’t tackled the Joanna Brady Series, she hails from Arizona and I just wasn’t feeling it.

So a Covid decision, how about I binge listen to the Joanna Brady series.

Wow! What a nice surprise.  First off, I love her and I love how she becomes Sherriff,

she is curious, not ego-centric and a force of nature.

Suddenly there was a Beaumont-Brady Novel! What?

It was so great to get re-united with J.P. and see them work together.

And then a few more novels down the road and another Beaumont -Brady,

Complete with Seattle/Bellevue traffic which makes me smile (maybe I will be the traffic

reporter in her next novel?)

And low and behold, the memory of a homicide where a child survives and is given a

Teddy Bear from the “Teddy Bear Patrol”.

Seriously….. I love this author, thank you J.A. Jance for brightening up my covid isolation.

J.A. Jance Books: Here

or at your library

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