Credit: Big Machine Records

Feel the burn with Taylor Swift

You know that Taylor Swift’s most recent album, 1989, is a pop masterpiece, right? It’s named for the year she was born, and many of the songs have a bit of a throwback sound with a big 80s influence. Taylor’s probably too young to remember when the big fitness craze was Aerobics — legwarmers, little white Asics shoes, Jane Fonda workout videos, and lots of moves that seemed more like dancing than working out. But if her music had been around in the 80s, it would’ve been perfect for a high-energy aerobics session, as one YouTube user proved by synching Taylor’s song “Shake It Off” to video footage of the epic opening of the 1988 National Aerobic Championships. W-a-a-a-y before CrossFit and Zumba, this is what a workout looked like back in the 1980s . . .  (John F.)


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