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Favorite Pandemic Cocktails By State

Mojito Or Virgin Mojito Long Rum Drink With Fresh Mint, Lime Jui
Photo Credit: Bigstock

The pandemic requires a special way to stay sane.  For some folks that meant… well… booze.  Here are the favorite quarantine cocktails by state.


Okay… Mojitos for us here in Washington?  Mojitos??  I get part of it, mojitos are DEEE-LISH… but they also require, not only some work, but fresh mint too.  It’s not like you can crush up a breath mint as a substitute either.

In the same realm of boozieness… the state of Washington will continue to allow cocktails to go when the pandemic is over.  Now I don’t know what I’ll love more… french fries to go or a, well i’m just gonna say it… a mojito!