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Fascinating Story 30 Years In The Making

A Children's Boat Floats In A Pond, Next To Green Reeds.
Photo Credit: Bigstock

The Great Lakes are so GREAT it often feels like the ocean when standing on its shores.  What mysteries float in such big bodies of water?  Well, this one for sure!


Wow I find this fascinating.  I’ve always dreamed that if I dropped a message in a bottle it would float to another continent.

When we were kids, back before we knew it was potentially harmful to wildlife, my third grade class released balloons with messages.  We all had high hopes they’d make it to another state or even country.  Mine made it two miles down the road.  Confirmed with a nice note from the farmer who found it in his field.

Life takes on a whole new wonder when you just don’t know how things are going to turn out.

That’s the BEST building block for dreams…. EVER.