You’d Better Put on Some Pants for This One

How do air traffic controllers stay so calm? We hear audio of a NASA mission controller calling a possible SpaceX collision a “conjunction” and calmly suggesting the astronauts get dressed for it. Speaking of SpaceX, why is upcoming SNL host Elon Musk getting the cold shoulder from the cast? Join Coach Laurie, Anna, and Claire as we discuss all that plus second-shot side effects, Apple bites Facebook on privacy issues, and Anna‘s incredible knowledge of classic TV theme songs. It takes a lot to get it right when you’re learning the Facts of Life. Or not. [[Credit: NBC Jimmy Fallon Show, SpaceX / Launch America, “Facts of Life” Theme Song / Al Burton, “Silver Spoons” theme / Rik Howard & Bob Wirth, “Gilligan’s Island” theme / George Wyle, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire” theme / Quincy Jones, “Green Acres” theme / Vic Mizzy, “Beverly Hillbillies” Theme “The Ballad of Jed Clampett” / Paul Henning, “Hogan’s Heroes” Theme / Jerry Fielding, “One Day At A Time” Theme, “One Day At A Time” Theme “This is It” / Jeff & Nancy Barry / Brill Building, “Get Into The Groove” / Madonna & Steve Bray, “Legally Blonde” / Karen McCullah Lutz]]