The Seattle Freeze, the Salem Warmth, & that Hurricane Hilary

(Recorded 8/25/23) Laurie, Anna and Claire explore the infamous Seattle Freeze phenomenon. They’ve each felt the Seattle Freeze in one shape or form, and one of them has a theory. Hurricane Hilary turned into a tropical storm that made landfall in southern California. and Claire was there visiting Aunt Bernice when it happened! Having been through similar hurricanes and storms on the east coast, Claire had the challenge of convincing family on the west coast (where hurricanes just don’t really occur) to take this storm a little more seriously. After having to navigate around some family emergencies that required hospital stays, Anna discovered being a hospital visitor at a patient’s bedside seems to be a very good part of the healing process — but she had also noticed not every patient has a visitor at their bedside. Now the hosts’ wheels are turning, and they think maybe there should be a network that provides volunteer hospital visitors. (But let us know if one already exists, yo). Laurie Hardie is many things – an amazing mom, a loving grandmother, and a cool aunt whose sweet nephew has invited her out for a drink to catch up. Listen as she tells us about it, and reminds us why we just love our aunts!!