St Patty’s Day 2023 Episode

It’s official. All three Listen & Learn Or Not hosts have now had The Covid. The one who got it first is convinced she got it in 2020 before Covid became a pandemic. The other two got theirs back-to-back in the last month. The one w/ the latest case was able to take Paxlovid to help her along, and she’ll tell you what to expect if you choose to take this investigational medication (“investigational” b/c it is still being studied. Which reminds us to add the disclaimer – there is limited information about the safety and effectiveness of using Paxlovid to treat mild to moderate Covid-19). They thank their lucky stars and four-leaf clovers their symptoms have been mild, but – sadly – they have people in their lives whose health suffers due to brain damage from covid or long covid. Did you watch the Oscars? So did Claire, Anna and Laurie. They all agree it was a feel-good kind of night…the exact opposite of the Oscars exactly a year ago when it didn’t feel that great to Chris Rock. In fact it hurt. Enjoy this St Patrick’s Day Edition of Listen & Learn…..or Not.