(Recorded 1/5/23) The Week Everyone Prayed For Damar Hamlin

We’re pretty sure one week ago not many would have believed humanity was about to show up in all its glory the way it did during and after Monday Night Football. Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest following a hit then received medical treatment for nearly 20 minutes before being taken to a hospital. All the fans at the game could see Bills players were visibly worried and upset, Bengals players were consoling Bills players, both Bills & Bengals fans in the stands stood in shock. People at home saw athletes on social media begging everyone to pray, listened to sportscasters focusing not on players playing but players praying for their brother fighting for his life. Then the announcement came that the game would be postponed. They sent everyone at the Bengals’ Stadium home. But not everyone went home. Bills and Bengals fans and supporters still in jerseys and team colors painted on their faces gathered outside UC Medical Center in Cincinnati where Damar was taken and still in critical condition. Well-wishes were being broadcast by media outlets and social media, and they were showing images and videos of people all over praying hard. Then many took notice — they couldn’t remember the last time they saw an entire country get down on its knees and start to pray. This would continue into that evening and into the entire week as support for Damar kept pouring in from people all over the country. This week began with a tragic scene but ended with a celebration of life as Damar is now beli3ved to be making a ‘remarkable’ recovery. (See what w3 did there?) We all witnessed miracles along the way, too, including the good deeds and donations tied to Damar…as well actually seeing that good can come in rivalry (in sports, politics, in all the things). And the one that might be Laurie, Claire and Anna’s favorite: seeing we have the capability to love and unite when we want it. Welcome 2023! Thank you for showing us this new hope for humanity.