Italy or Bust and Our Unplanned Podcast

Claire is on a jet plane to Italy, and Laurie & Anna have decided to sing about it before taking a little break until her return….but they couldn’t stop talking! Shocker. What should have been only a 5-minute schtick turned into a surprise half hour episode. Bonus! Listen as they talk about the “Great Resignation” happening across the country, perhaps another result of the Covid pandemic. They also talk about the willfully unvaccinated who don’t have health issues that prevent them from getting the vaccine — does casting blame on them help end the pandemic? Also, an update on the Covid-19 Delta variant surge in Washington and the reinstating of mask mandates. Lastly, please forgive Anna for singing the wrong Nora Jones lyrics…also Laurie for her mondegreen of a Kelly Clarkson song. (We’re just trying to get you to Google “mondegreen”).