Did Someone Say Shopping?

Claire hires a shopper for the first time to help her pick out clothes for a special event. We talk about the benefits of having a “shopper” pick out clothes for you, especially if you don’t know that looks good on you anymore for whatever reason — whether it’s because of your age, or Covid made you not care about what you’re wearing anymore, or you don’t know what’s in style, or you’d just like a completely objective opinion about what looks good on you. A shopper can cut a lot of your shopping anxiety in half. By the way, since this episode (which was recorded on 7/7/22), Claire met with her shopper, purchased and completely ROCKED her new dress. ROCKED IT!!!! Also shout-out to Kristen Bell who wrote a children’s book about how to be a Purple Person, which – believe us – you want to strive to be one because, according to Kristen, a Purple Person embraces what makes you special while finding common ground with those around you. Speaking of Kristen Bell, poor Laurie Hardie still can’t get Anna D and Claire to watch Frozen 2. Maybe they’ll get to it by the time Frozen 3 comes out…..or not.