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Aging gracefully could be as simple as daily walking, keeping our body in motion.

Aysha Morgan DPT, PT, OCS, is a physical therapist at PacMed. As a physical therapist Aysha’s goal is to have people ‘age gracefully’. The way to do this is to “move”. Whether we’re at regular work where we sit most of the day, or are working from home and also sitting a lot, she has some simple recommendations. One is that the time we would use for commuting, use for taking a walk these days. Or, we can sonsider taking a break for 5 minutes each hour and doing some simple stretches, and squats, so we keep all our joints in motion. And a great thing for our back, lay on your stomach, arms on the floor/or bed, and arch upward–for just 5 minutes/day. Simple steps for long-term physical health and mobility