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8-06-17: Emily Wellbourn, stroke survivor, "FAST",

at 6am on Inspirational Women: Emily Wellbourn works with the American Heart Association, Tacoma office. Emily comes to this work via her own experience–suffering a stroke. Emily was just 27 when it happened, 4 years ago. She lived and lives a healthy life style. In fact she was running a race in NY state when her brain was attacked. She didn’t know about “FAST” at that time, (face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty, time to call 911) and she was experiencing the first 3 things. Fortunately there was medical staff at the race, and Emily received treatment quickly–very important! However she kept running while she was experiencing the symptoms. She feels fortunate to be alive and feels she has important work to do in communicating this message. Stroke and heart attacks combined are the major killer of people in this country.