Inspirational Women

7-29-18: Marie Unanue, children's activist, 'The Adventures of Phatty & Payaso', Kindness project

Marie Unanue is a writer and now has turned this talent to writing children’s literature. Her focus is on bullying, using a menagerie of pets and animals to demonstrate the character traits of kindness, gratitude, cooperation, empathy, self-control. The book: The Adventures of Phatty & Payaso is a chapter book, great for summer reading, great for parents reading with kids. It’s also fun that there is a Seattle connection–Payaso, the worldly cat, is from Seattle! And Marie also has a special project related to the book, related to life! Be sure to check out ‘Let’s All Be Kind’. It reminds me of a favorite quote: Life is already so tough. How can we be anything but kind.