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6-25-17: Jamie Walker, divorce attorney discusses how to not get to divorce.

Be sure to act on this before the walk down the aisle. Jamie Walker is a senior attorney with McKinley Irvin Family Law in the Puget Sound area. She handles divorce cases on a daily basis. She’s realized that if couple had some key conversations before their wedding, they might very well avoid divorce court down the road. She has a short list of 5 keys things to definitely discuss, even if it feels uncomfortable: Children – whether to have them and how to raise them; Finances – personal spending philosophies, acquired debt; Life Goals – where do you see your life going and how do you plan to get there? Beliefs – religion, family culture and traditions and their role in your lives; Family – extended families, blended families, etc. And she recommends one key thing to do early on–share a major holiday together–a lot can be discovered.