Inspirational Women

6-09-19: Creating a great Life, 7 Practices of Prosperous Women,

Raven Magwood an international speaker and achievement expert who graduated with honors from Clemson University at just 19! Recognized as one of the top 10 Clemson graduates in the past decade, Raven received the Roaring Ten Award. She was a national gymnastic champion at age 11 and was encouraged to write a book about her experiences. Raven now has her 4th book, and discusses with us the ‘7 Practices of Prosperous Women’. One of the practices is to write down our goals, along with smaller goals to reach the bigger one. She shares that one goal was to give back to the community. Along came the opportunity to coach young gymnasts at a local gym, and then in time the owner wanted to sell the gym, and Raven and her mother are now the co-owners. This underscores another practice, which is to have balance in our life, to make time to be with family. Raven also has a non-profit foundation that seeks to provide mentorship opportunities to youth who would not otherwise have that chance.