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5-06-18: Janelle Hanchett, motherhood, addictions, personal growth,

Janelle Hanchett is the author of the new book: I’m Just Happy To Be Here…a Memoir of Renegade Mothering. Timing is great–with Mother’s day coming up. It might be a great gift for someone, or for yourself…. because Janelle shares some important and interesting insights. She was a young mother at 21, just newly dating her boyfriend.

They wanted to keep the baby, and as she shares in her book, it was not an easy road which includes alcohol addiction, separations where she did not see her children for 2 years. An interesting turn brought her to sobriety. She and her husband are still married, and have 4 children. Janelle shares she began with her blog which has become her book, because she didn’t know if she was crazy, or the only one, but she needed to express her experiences. Some parts of this will likely resonate with most women.