Inspirational Women

4/30/23 – Saige Fitzpatrick & Heidi Wills

Give Big Washington is now in full swing, and ready for all of our commitments to support them, and in return, support our community. It’s an important time raising important funding.

Saige Fitzpatrick is Director or Engagement for Lifelong. While you may not know the name, you will be aware of at least some of the work they do – supporting people with chronic health issues, primarily. Said work began 40 years ago during the AIDS epidemic. They are also very involved with a few Tiny House Villages, providing wraparound services to some residents. 

Heidi Wills is CEO of PAWS in Lynnwood, where we know them as being great protectors of animal life, both our domesticated friends and our wildlife. Heidi updates us on the changes and growth occurring, including a new aquatic center in Snohomish which will care for injured sea mammals.