Inspirational Women

3/20/22: Joni Rodgers – Life can mean more at 60 and beyond with great/important contributions

on Inspirational Women: Joni Rodgers is an author, screenwriter and celebrity ghostwriter. Facing cancer 30 years ago Joni decided to write a book to share some of her life with her young daughter. Joni was told she might have 5 years to live and so she was focused. Crazy for Trying was that book and is now part of the SIxo Collection that Joni reworked in celebrating her 60th birthday. Joni’s story is encouragement for all women to realize that age is just a number, and that wisdom comes with years of living–so great things are still in store as we mature. A few years ago Joni relocated to the Washington coast and in following her intuition, life has only gotten better.