Inspirational Women

12-02-18: Gina LaRoche, 'The 7 Laws of Enough', sustainable abundance

Gina La Roche Co author of ” The 7 laws of Enough: Cultivating a Life of Sustainable Abundance”. Gina and her coauthor, Jen Cohen, guide us though 7 principles, including “I am enough”, to “I belong” and “Joy is Available”. This is sage direction is a world that clamors for more and more stuff. The book is presented as a workbook that we can use as a journal. When we find that we truly have all we need for our personal life, we have the potential to live in harmony in the planet, with all life. Gina offers 3 questions we might use at a dinner table during the holiday period, that can be supportive and encouraging: 1. what are a few highlights of the past year. 2. what are the lessons learned. 3. what are your hopes and dreams for the coming year.