Inspirational Women

11/19/23 – Suzanne Heywood and Shanisty Ireland

Suzanne Heywood was born in the UK, but for most of her childhood sailed around the world with her family, with limited access to formal education. At 17 she essentially escaped from her parents, returning to the UK and ‘quite amazingly’ won a place to study at Oxford University. After her PhD, she worked as a civil servant, and later a business executive.  She is the mother of 3 young adults. The passion and strength she acquired in her years of travel is quite stunning, accounts of which she shares in her book “WaveWalker—A Memoir of Breaking Free”. Excellent reading for all ages, and a great gift idea!

Shanisty Ireland is a food blogger and mom of 5, with worthwhile ideas on how to make delicious meals, while saving some money here and there. All ahead of a holiday season where the cost of food overall continues to steadily climb. Simplicity and turning to the crock pot are a couple of ideas she describes in our conversation.