Inspirational Women

11-11-18: Everly Babineaux, Kristen Johnson, Premature birth awareness,

Supporting the important life saving, life-giving work of the March of Dimes. A new mom, Everly Babineaux shares her quite new experience of baby Jace entering the world at 25 weeks–truly a miracle. Not too many years ago, little Jace would not have stood a chance of being here. But all the research and education instigated by and largely supported by March of Dimes (our donations) has and continues to evolve and make it possible for these little premies to get a good start in life. But the March of Dimes is also looking and education and Prevention, how to have moms carry their babies to term. Kristen Johnson, a certified nurse midwife speaks to this, the work being done to create community among young women, who are often far from familty, to have the support, and receive education for a healthy pregnancy. Support for the March of Dimes impacts each of us.