Kids Cruisin

Episode 21: Kids in Cars Zooming for Kudos® presented by Lexus of Tacoma: Bionic Kudos


Zachary was born without a hand. After seeing the story of Robert Downy Jr giving an Iron Man-themed arm to kid named Alex, his family sent Zack’s story to the prosthetic-arm creators at Limbitless Solutions. They sent a prototype, prosthetic-arm to Zack for free. Zack and his brother, Christo, decided to raise money for another kid in need of a prosthetic arm. Zack and Christo wrote the story for “The Bionic Kids” comic, and sent it to Limbitless Solutions, who had it illustrated. Their bionic-armed superhero helps people instead of hitting them. The second issue was put on hold because of COVID-19, so the brothers created a mobile gaming app, The Bionic Kid Jump. All proceeds from both the app and the comic book are donated to Limbitless Solutions to help provide bionic prosthetics to kids in need.