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Enough About Bravado


It is admirable to be outraged about childhood abuse. But think about the message your “Bravado” is giving your children.

When we say “if anyone ever hurt my kid….. I would…. all the things you would do.

But if and we hope this never happens to any child but it does. If the child is abused, then they have to decide if they will tell you because if you “kill” the person who abused them you may end up in prison. Most kids would rather suffer than have that happen.

What if the abuser is a family member and the child doesn’t want them “killed?”

So as admirable as it is … it is giving a message to the child that if they tell, carnage will ensue.

Maybe start a conversation with them asking what they would do if they heard about a friend being hurt?

Just some thoughts from a survivor.


No Longer Ashamed