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Ed Sheeran Throwing us a Curveball?

Los Angeles Aug 27: Ed Sheeran Arrives For The Mtv Video Musi

Per Instagram gossip site Deuxmoi, a source claims the project is a collaboration with J Balvin.

He may still be fresh off the release of his fifth album =, but Ed Sheeran is not slowing down.

The “Bad Habits” singer revealed that he’s already got plans for a new project up his sleeve, and fans can expect to hear it this week.

Sheeran, 31, appeared on The Project NZ on Wednesday and was asked if his next album will be titled  (Minus), in keeping with his math-themed symbol titles.

“Well, that’s not going to be the next record I put out. I’ve got something else that’s a bit more of a curveball,” he teased. “We’ve got the first thing of it dropping in 10 days; in 10 days there’s gonna be something coming out.”

Though Sheeran didn’t offer any further details on the mysterious project, he did say that he doesn’t expect it to be a hit in New Zealand.

“It’s more gonna be a big hit somewhere else,” he said. “When you hear it you’ll understand. You’ll be like, ‘Yeah.”

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