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Ed Sheeran, J Balvin drop two new songs, “Sigue” and “Forever My Love”

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Ed Sheeran and J Balvin are taking a step into each other’s worlds with the release of two new singles — “Sigue” and “Forever My Love.”

The two tracks, along with their respective music videos, dropped Thursday evening. 

The first song, “Sigue,” brings Sheeran into Balvin’s world, with an upbeat, reggaeton dance song, for which the British singer-songwriter learned Spanish in order to be able to sing. The second song, “Forever My Love,” is the reverse and brings Balvin into Sheeran’s world with a beautiful love ballad.

The two global superstars and cultural icons teased the crossover project earlier in the week and shared how their friendship came to be.

“I met J in a gym in New York last year,” Sheeran shared in a joint Instagram post. “It was just me and him very early in the morning. I recognised his voice when he was on the phone so I just went up and said hi,” he continued. “We chatted so long, we ended up having lunch and then afternoon tea. Then just went to being mates who chatted nonstop.”

Balvin added, “In NY we made plans to have a studio day and well you guys will see the outcome hehehe. The first two songs that we made were “Sigue” and “Forever my Love” and now they are coming to light.”

Both artists also shared that the two-song EP is just the beginning and teased that more of their pop/reggaeton combo is on the way. 

Until then, “Sigue” and “Forever My Love” are available to stream now. 

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