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Dua Lipa meets, dances with 80-year old super fan on ‘The Tonight Show’

Todd Owyoung/NBC

Dua Lipa and Jimmy Fallon teamed up to give one of Dua’s fans the surprise of his life Thursday night on The Tonight Show.

The fan, known as Papa Richy, is 80 years old, and he went viral on TikTok with his over-the-top reaction to his granddaughter gifting him tickets to see Dua.  So as a surprise, Jimmy’s people called Richy and told him he’d won a contest for the biggest TikTok video of the year. The show then flew Richy and his granddaughter to New York, where they told him he’d be interviewed on a radio show. He completely bought the story.

So imagine Richy’s surprise when he was led, not into a radio studio, but onto the Tonight Show stage, where Jimmy and Dua were waiting for him.  After Richy gets over shaking Jimmy’s hand, Jimmy says, “This is Dua Lipa.”

“Oh my God!” Richy exclaims adorably. “Holy s**t! Can I shake your hand or something?” When Dua offers her hand, he blurts out, “Your hands are freezing!”

Jimmy then notes, “I read that one of your dreams is to dance with Dua Lipa?” 

“Yes, yes, of course,” Richy replies, and then slaps his head in disbelief. 

“Can we make that dream a reality?” laughs Jimmy.

Richy and Dua immediately start grooving together, as Jimmy cuts to commercial.

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